Lokalizacja: 100 % remote

Widełki: Każda aplikacja wraz z oczekiwaniami finansowymi jest rozpatrywana indywidualnie

Pełny etat – B2B

Konsultanci prowadzący projekt:

Monika Miśkowicz Mail [email protected]
Daria Bilska Tel: 793 838 057 Mail: [email protected]


The company is an enterprise cloud collaboration platform provider. They want to solve the issue of getting easy access to the data that is currently stored away in different silos.

Customers use company aplication product as a single User Interface to perform different functions (like Learning, Webinars, Storage, WorkFlow, KPI management) using the same content base. It is a visual UI, to take advantage of online real time communications with others.

You will have the opportunity to contribute to architecting a system used by many of the biggest enterprise customers in Japan!

Must have:

10 years (or more) of professional experience
Excellent understanding of programming paradigms
Experience in designing complex software architecture
Clear understanding of „how things work under the hood” and why they work a certain way
Excellent command of the English language


Nice to have:

Experience in React
Experience with MQs
Experience in microservice architecture
Experience in DDD

W razie pytań zapraszamy do rozmowy!

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